About us

Casino Equine Assisted Confidence Coaching

Casino Equine Assisted Confidence Coaching believe in providing a safe and peaceful space where participants are supported to grow and succeed, regardless of their background. It is a space for participants to have genuine connection with the horses and nature, while they explore, learn and grow. Horses are unbiased and non-judgemental with the ability to evoke strong feelings and deep learning, which make them the perfect teachers to assist our practitioners. 

Our goal is to deliver our program in a manner that allows participants to feel safe and supported as they make meaningful changes in their lives.

Casino Equine Assisted Confidence Coaching is located in the peaceful and scenic surrounds of Mongogarie, 20 mins north of Casino. The facility boasts an idyllic farm setting with numerous farm animals including cows, chickens, guinea fowl, birds, dogs and of course the main attraction HORSES!  

What do we offer?

Equine Assisted Learning, Interactions & Coaching

Our services are offered to all ages and abilities.

Horses as Teachers

Horses as Teachers is an equine assisted learning program that is an innovative form of experiential learning where participants develop new insight and learn new skills via relational experiences with horses. EAL can benefit everyone, from NDIS Participants to those experiencing anxiety, stress, grief, loss, lack of confidence.

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Animal Interactions

Our animal interaction sessions are specifically designed per the individual participants needs. These sessions are perfect for social and recreational outings or for improved body movement.

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Group Sessions

Our Horses as Teachers program is also offered in a group format which is perfect for children and adults of all ages including tweens and teens.  The group sessions offer a safe place for participants to learn, grow and experience new skills together with other peers of their age group.

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Morning Tea in the Gardens

Take in the peaceful and scenic surrounds of the idyllic farm settings while you sip a hot cuppa. Spend time amongst the farm animals , touch, cuddle and brush the beautiful horses.

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Confidence Coaching

Working in a successful partnership with your equine friend requires trust and accurate communication. Whether you are just starting out or need a little help refining your skills. Each session is specifically designed to help build your confidence and skill both on the ground and in the saddle.

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