Let us introduce ourselves

Meet the Teachers

Donna Flynn

Casino Equine Assisted Confidence Coaching (CEACC) was founded by Donna Flynn. With over 40 years experience as a Horse Trainer, competitor and Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner, Donna has a passion for helping others to grow and succeed by using the methods she has learnt from many talented and amazing horseman and horsewoman. Her husband Neil has taught her a lot over the years about training and working with young horses, and constantly aware of being safe.  Donna has developed these skills through her own life experiences and spent years studying in Equine Psychotherapy and Coaching. Her programs is based around the EPI Equine Psychotherapy Institute which was founded by Meg Kirby. Donna regularly updates new skills through online and Liberty Courses.  A few of Donna's career highlights and achievements include:

  • Riding in the opening ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games
  • Breaking, Training and Competing on their Quarter Horses in Cutting Horse Events.
  • Equine Psychotherapy Institute - Certified Practitioner
  • Athena Herd - Level 2 Equine Facilitated Learning Certification
  • Equine Interaction Experience Practitioner
  • Horse Safety Australia - Senior Riding Coach
  • Horse Safety Australia - Trail Riding Coach
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • First Aid and CPR

Charmaine Haynes

Is our quiet achiever, and the backbone of all the administration work, coming from a book keeper background.  Charmaine has experience with the admin side of NDIS, and can answer most of the queries.  Charmaine brings to us a wealth of knowledge and is currently studying Equine Facilitated Learning, and will be joining our team as a facilitator.  Charmaine enjoys weekend showing, spending time with her horses and her family.

Always updating her skills and professional development,

  • first aid course
  • working with children checks
  • Currently studying Equine Facilated Learning


Bella is a 15 year old 13.2hh Grey Mare. Bella is great with people of all ages, particularly beginners. She has a gentle nature and is great at connection work.  She always shows her true authentic self and willing to be a partner.


Sandy is a 12 year old 9 hh Grey Gelding. Sandy has a beautiful kind nature and loves to receive snuggles.  Sandy is always curious and loves to be involved or just be present.


Oreo is a 18 year old 8 hh Paint Gelding. Oreo has a bubbly personality and loves to say hello to visitors and be groomed.


Missy is a 13 year old 13.2 hh Paint Mare. Missy is quiet and great with all ages. She has a quieter personality but loves scratches and pampering.


Gilly is a 2 year old 14.2 hh Chestnut Gelding. Gilly is quiet, relaxed and easy going. Gilly's chilled nature makes him a favorite among all.  He is inquisitive and loves to explore things with his nose. 


Phyllis is a 2 year old 14.3 hh Chestnut Mare. Phyllis is a soft mare who can be sensitive and needs time to develop trust with people.   Once she forms a relationship, Phyllis loves to be pampered, cuddled and groomed.


Sam is a 12 year old 10 hh Grey Gelding. Sam is a quiet, free moving and very inquisitive of his environment, people, new horses, other animals and objects he hasn't seen before.


Skilly is a 14 year old 14.3 hh Chestnut Gelding. Skilly is very forgiving with a kind and honest nature. Skilly is free moving and gentle.


Smoothy is a 6 year old 15.1 hh Chestnut Gelding. Smoothy has a big personality, making everyone laugh with his cheeky ways. He is quite and is a great teacher at expressing himself.  He loves being scratched and touched anywhere, as long as you touch him.


Woody is a 2 year old 14.2 hh Liver Chestnut Gelding. Woody has a quiet and loving nature. Woody is great with children and loves to give everyone a snuggle.


Streety is a 22 year old 14.3 hh Chestnut Mare. Streety is quiet and well educated. Streety has had a successful past in cutting and is great for advancing teenagers and adults.  She is true in saying how she is feeling, and tells you clearly her Yes and No.


Ivy is a 10 year old 13.2 hh Bay Mare. Ivy has a beautiful soft nature and is quiet and responsive. Previously Ivy had a successful cutting career until she became a mum.  


Choice is a yearling 11 hh Bay Roan Colt. Choice is cheeky, inquisitive and quite. Choice loves to stand at the arena and watch over the sessions and wants to be involved.  He loves attention.


Flashy is a yearling 11hh Chestnut Roan Colt. Flashy is friendly but can be shy at first and needs to be approached quietly.  Once he can trust you, he will want to be your best friend.